belly dance with omar khorshid

1- solenzara   [marfis- darbal- bacara]
2- casatschok   [boris rubshkin]
3- kiss of fire   [ villoldo]
4- apache   [ lordon]
5- la playa   [ barouh]
6- never on sunday  [ hadjikais]
7- la cumprsita  [ rodriguez- marino]
8- johnny guitar   [ young - lee]

9- arabian melody   [ vira - gordannif]

belly dance with omar khorshid vol 2

  1. kan e'zaman    [elias rahbani]
  2. rakst el khiel    [omar khorshid]
  3. fi doa al kamar   [ omar khorshid]
  4. rakst al jediann   [omar khorshid]
  5. warket ya nassib   [omar khorshid]
  6. sout al hob    [omar khorshid]
  7. shams alla al jalied    [omar khorshid]
  8. agaza min al hob    [omar khorshid]
belly dance with omar khorshid vol 3

  1. love story     [ lai]
  2. hernandos hidaway   [ adler-ross]
  3. guitar tango   [ maine- plait]
  4. pop concerto   [ gordon]
  5. godfather     [ rota]
  6. popcorn    [ kingsley]
  7. malaguena    [ lecuona]
  8. midnight love    [ omar khorshid]
  9. la paloma    [ yradier]
rhythms from the orient

  1. rakst al fadaa    [ nourl al malah]
  2. guitar al shark    [ nour al malah ]
  3. takassim sanat 2000    [ omar khorshid]
  4. lelit hob   [  m.abdel wahab]
  5. lama bada ya tasanaa   [ tradtional]
  6. tellet ya mahla nourhaa   [ saeed darwesh]
  7. ahh ya zaman    [ traditional]
tribute  to oum kalsoum

  1. alf laila   [ baligh hamdy]
  2. hazhi laylati    [ abdel wahab]
  3. fakarhouni    [ abdel wahab]
  4. ou mart al ayam    [ abdel wahab]
  5. amal hayati    [ abdel wahab]
  6. men ajl aynek    [ riad sonbati]
  7. inta oumri     [ abdel wahab]
tribute to farid al atrache

  1. al rabih  
  2. ya gamil
  3. doko mazahir
  4. yalla sawa
  5. albi wi muftaho
  6. ya zahra fi khyali
  7. awl hamsa
  8. noura
  9. alli wi oul telou
  10. ya helewa
  11. ngom al leil
omar khorshid with love

  1. ahwak     [ abdel wahab]
  2. habibti   [ elias rahbani]
  3. hebina     [ farid al atrache]
  4. ya nassini    [elias rahbani]
  5. zorba the greek    [theodrakes]
  6. banadi alek    [  farid al atrache]
  7. beni wi benak    [ elias rahbani]
  8. ana lak ala toul    [ abdel wahab]
  9. rahbaniyat    [ rahbani bros]
  10. samai erian    [ tradirional]
belly dance from lebanon

  1. aziza     [ abdel wahab]
  2. al rissassa   [ omar khorshid]
  3. hassan   [ traditional]
  4. al hob al awal    [ omar khorshid]
  5. wadi al muluk    [ omar khorshid]
  6. ya salat al zein    [ zakria ahmad]
  7. sabrine    [ omar khorshid]
  8. karoun karoun    [ traditional]
  9. ommi al habiba     [ omar khorshid]
omar khorshid with love vol 2

  1. toba toba     [ abdel wahab]
  2. el helwa di    [ sayed darwesh]
  3. habytik bel sayf     [ rahbani bros]
  4. sidi mansour      [ traditional]
  5. el phan    [ abdel wahab]
  6. ya dalah dalah   [ farid al atrache]
  7. kare'it el fengan    [ mohamed al mogi]
  8. linda linda    [ samir al tawil]

for an artists with 10 years of offical career , making 9 albums in
less than 4 years period is some kind of mystery !
omar recorded his albums between 1973-77 at his peak ..
before going further , i believe making the titles for his first 3 lps
[belly dance] was unjustice to omar talent in general and sepecially
to his work..., most of the oriental music if not all is suitable for
belly dancing , but omar brought something new with his music
even to the ears of eastern people...
he managed to make the guitar obey his talent to produce new
sound of eastern flavour with western arrangments to please the
ears of all the people ...
today it might be categorized as fusion but i am aganist
giving category to omar music ..
simply it's a beauitful would touch the feelings of anyone listen
to it...

belly dance with omar khorshid have a various international
standards has nothing to do with the middle eastern title but the
music arrangments carry omar signature that make all the difference
could be a list of omar favorites or choosen for show how omar
would make the world music obey his talent...
belly dance vol 2 opens with kan e zaman, a timeless fairuz song
composed by the great elias rahbani from thier stage play [mahtta]
treated by omar with love ...
this album has 8 titles , 7 of them composed by omar which it make
the only album that carry omar music amog all of his albums !!
he proves himself as a composer to fill an album with his own
music , playing titles he made for movies like ' sout al hob' a theme
for a film of warda ....
back again with belly dance vol 3 to international standards and
just only one composition by him  which it's one of the higlights
of the album ....
omar add cheerful mood to the romantic theme of love story..
and that ends the series of omar belly dance titles , the production
should have done better than that , 3 albums has the same cover
desgin in everything but the lettering colours , it would make real
confusion even for omar dedicated fans ...!!!
rhythms from the orient has a fantastic side one with the intro of
rakst al fadaa[dance of space] and guitar al shark [guitar of orient]

both are personal favorites and composed by the promising young
lebanese composer nour al malah..
though side two that i feel it was rushed to complete the album
minus the great preformance of oum kalsoum song lelit hob ..

each time i view the cover i see the male model as salvador dali that
has the same mostache and almost the same face too...
if u take good look at the male model of belly dance covers , he is
probably the same one here [ minus the moustache] likely both
came from the same source...
likely the best album by omar minus the strange title and poor choice of a picture cover !!!
6 timless compositions out of  9 by omar , first time to carry themes
in one album [ al hob al awal ] made for the film ' wa mada ketar al
omr' 1975 ,al reasessa for the war drama of al resassa la tsal fi gaybi'
1974 and the melodramtic film of sabrine 1975.
wadii al moulok presented later in his own film production
' al asheka' 1979...
omar also brought back  arabic music from the 30s like the hassan
and abdel wahab instrumental of aziza 50s....
looks like omar made two tributes in one album,an offical title tribute to oum kalsoum and a hidden tribute to abdel wahab
as most of the compositions here is by him...
omar owes the first lady of song in the middle east so much , she
presented him in her concerts from 1968 till 1973 which it was an
instant passport to fame , 4 instrumentals here were played by
omar with oum kalsoum on stage [ tracks 1-2-3-5]
a gratitude from omar to oum kalsoum in wonderful musical way
all titles composed by farid al atrache and album arrangments
by omar khorshid....
omar pays tribute to farid al atrache the singer- composer-actor-
producer and night club owner in beirut , farid lived the last 6 years
of his life in lebanon and captured omar success when he was in
lebanon too , omar selected great songs of farid from mid 40s till
late 50s ,  11 tracks mark the album as the largest in omar's lps
none of his compositions are here , omar returned to famous standards , mainly arabic this time , reviving titles from the 50s like ahwak- ana lik ala toul- banadi alek , and current lebanese successful themes like habibti- rahbaniyat plus the smash hits of 1973 ya nassini by gerogette sayigh......nice butsomehow strange selection so i reckon it's a list of omar favorites ,

still with famous arabic standards of the past like the very old 20s song of sayed darwes ,hailm ' toba' abdelwahab 'el phan'and more current lebanese hits like fairuz immortal 'habetikbil sayf' ,sabah ya dalih dalih , sidi mansour a famous tunasian tradtional song inluded in this album and he preformed it on his film ' al asheka' [ actually part of the film was filmed in tunis
linda linda a huge hit in egypt's discotques at late 70s and most coverd by others at that time would be the highlight of the album..
i believe that omar khorshid with love vol 1 & 2 were rushed into production and could be recorded in one time and seprated into two albums ...both albums had uncreative arrangments and different sound quality unlike all of omar albums , they wanted to try a new sound but sadly it come at the expense of audio quality however omar talent and preformance remains intact

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below every album review there is a download link of the album, there might be different tracks missing or added in few albums , just copy and paste the link ...enjoy omar music.