like many houses in the past , the piano was a part of furniture

that's when the ears of young omar recognized the first sound

of an instrument ..

he tried to do anything on the piano and he amazed his father

when managed to play the piano without a music sheet...

that encouraged his father [ ahmad khorshid a cinematographer]

to promise omar with a guitar if he passed the exams with success

which it's happend and omar got his first guitar...

the guitar took so much time from omar studies and the result

was a bad marks made his father take away the guitar and smash it

despite he comes from a wealthy family but omar couldn't buy

a guitar at his early  teen years , even with his savings ,...

he managed to convince a music shop to sell him guitar and pay

a certain amount each month.....

omar went well in his studies but his ethsiusim to learn the guitar

made him join a private institute of music in cairo downtown  ,

and his teacher was a greek...



as a young man he was influnced by the rock & beat music that

swept the world from early 60s , he was obsessed

by forming a band play that kind of music he loves...

in 1966  he formed a group with  members named ' le petits chats '

playing to the youth in sport clubs - universities halls and later on

in stereo's and hotels thay gained a huge success as the scene was

almost new for such groups in egypt at that time...

omar gained respect from audiance and musicans for his unique

preformance and high moral ...

his fame reached the ears of the first lady of song

of the middle east and family friend [ oum kalsoum]

he couldn't believe his ears when she asked him to play the guitar

with her orchestra which he was the youngest to join...

the switch from playing international music to play arabic oriental

music wasn't hard on omar , his unique preformance made the

guitar speaks and play arabic in outstanding way...

this switch was the first step for omar glorious career...

abdel halim hafez , another grand artist also asked omar to play with

his al massiya orchesrta ...

omar kept playing with oum kalsoum & abdel halim hafez in live

and studio recording along with other artists from 1968 till he left

to lebanon in 1973

[to see details of omar's life & career in lebanon , see lebanon page]

by early 1976 omar was in syria making appearncess in night club

and acting in films , it took a year for omar in syria before he return

to egypt again ...
after the return to egypt again omar had so many things on his

mind and he did it one by one ..

he formed a group to play with him and accompany other singers,

he also focused on making music scores for films which he gained

many awards for it ..

omar had the determination to enlarge his movie career , 

he returned to making films again and produced a film

[ see filmography page for full details]

omar was honored from prisdent sadat which he liked him

and that's why he choosed omar to appear live in the white house

in washington to preform live before the eyes of sadat-begin-carter

for the occassion of the sign of egypt-israel peace treaty...

he was very well received by the prisdents and the guests...

this preformance gave omar a huge force to carry on with his career

continuing to make music- films- scores - tours - live preformance

till the black day of  may 29th 1981 when omar left the world

by his body only , as his accomplishments as a guitarist- composer-

actor - producer lives on...
[36 years old]