shortly after omar preformnce in the egyptian-israeli agreement on

march 1979 at the white house , he was blacklisted in the arab

countries that oppossed the treaty but he managed to cancel

this decision peacefully ...

but from this date omar had a series of incidents that shown he

was a target ....

he was followed by a certain car almost all the time then suddenly

the car disappeard !

someone tried to deliver a parcel to his office but the office clerk

suspcted in the parcel and refused to take it  , it was left behind

outside his office , the police came and found a bomb in the parcel!

another incident when a car tried to hit omar's car with his wife

and he smashed into a wall made wounds for his wife but he fine..

omar had guards from the police after all this took place but he

shortly he asked the police to cancel it...

on the day he made the fatal accident and died he was followed

by a car drove by drunk arab young man who chased omar  that

night while he was driving in al ahram street going to a night club

to meet friends , rumors say that the stalking car driver said bad

words to omar's wife and omar got mad and chased the man

and other rumours say that omar was trying to stay away and run

ahead of the other car ...

but in either way , omar was driving in a very high speed which in

a turn at the end of al ahram street he lost control over the wheel

and the car smashed into a steel lamp bar made so strong that

his head smashed the glass window and it was too hard it finished

him by the neck almost instantly .....

his wife was taken to a hospital suffer from severe wounds and

during her presence in the hospital they hided the news of omar

death to her as they said he is wounded in the room next to her..

few months after the accident his wife dina said in interview that

she is sure that what happend was a planned murder ..

the police arrested the arab man in the car who chased omar and

released him after 3 months of investigations and recorded the

whole thing as an accident ...

but still the incident remains a mystery ...was it an accident or

a murder...?