omar khorshid original albums release

belly dance with omar khorshid [ voix d'orient - GVDL 95]

belly dance with omar khorshid vol 2 [ voix d' orient - GVDL 202]

belly dance with omar khorshid vol 3 [  voix d' orient - GVDL 203]

belly dance from lebanon [ voix d' orient - GVDL  521]

omar khorshid tribute to oum kalsoum [ voix d' orient -GVDL 223]

omar khorshid tribute to farid atrache[ [ voix d' orient-GVDL 248]

rhytms from the orient [ voice of lebanon-VLMC 39]

omar khorshid with love [ voice of lebanon- VLMC 87]

omar khorshid with love vol 2 [ voice of lebanon-VLMC 88]


all albums recorded in lebanon between 1973-1977

sound engineer : nabil moumtaz

recorded at polysound studio - beirut - lebanon

original albums releases pressed in greece

voix d' orient albums produced by  A.CHAINE

voice of  lebanon albums produced by robert & tudor khayat

original first pressing released on  LP-CASETTESS -8 TRACK

and later on few albums released on  CD  format.


omar discograhy  also include his particiption with ..

oum kalsoum studio& live recordings from 1968 - 1973

also with abdel halim hafez [al massiya orchestra] in

studio & live recordings from 1969-73

also he joined other grand singers in thier studio & live

recordings from 1968-73

omar composed scores for 44 films from 1971-1981 and

recieved awards for scores he made but sadly none of

these scores appeard commercially in the market

just one or two theme like [ al resasa - al hob al awal]

only made it on vinyl !!!

by mid 70s ,with the limited use of vinyl in some countries and the

disapper of vinyl in many other countries in the middle east

cheap & meduim quality tapes format swept the middle

east with 100's of strange audio cassette labels that would be easily

considred as bootleg in the eyes of the west but in the middle east

u could find it sold officaly in stores in the gulf countries among

other arab is some examples of these tapes...

randaphon . 80s - egypt
SPS .70S
party - 70s
IMD . lebanon .70s
never knew when grabbed this tape without reading the titles that i will discover that the music is by omar khorshid and away from the phony title , strange compile of tracks coming from various LPS of omar , stupid title of an arabian gulf bootleg release just to attract buyers , like omar's name is not enough for them....                is that brooke shields on the cover or am i dreaming !!!!