land of freedom and beauty , the swiss of the middle east in early

70s were at it's peak when omar went to lebanon ...

lebanon gave so much to omar and omar loved lebanon

it was the breakthrough in full meaning of the word..

in late 1972 omar went to lebanon to make a leading role in a film

titled guitar el hob [ guitar of love ] with lebanon no.1 singer sabah

and 1971 miss universe gerogina rizk..

from that date omar begin his true career...

he recorded all of his album in lebanon with the sound engineer

nabil moumtaz who was responsible for almost every lebanese

recordings from late 60s till mid 80s  polysound studio in beirut.

making 3 films in lebanon between 1973-1975 [ see filmography]

you can't be in lebanon and can't help falling in love with lebanese

woman and omar did in a romantic story [ see romance]

omar was highly valued espcially among his fans and lebanese in

general ....his unique talent and unlimted charisma made him

a favourite to  lebanese who attended his concerts and his

appearnce in jacks hidaway night club enchanted  everyone ...

they requested omar to gave a charity  appearnce n the mad

house along with his band , he made it very well despite his fear

from the experince...

when the lebanese civil war started in april 13th 1975 omar was at

his peak and suddenly everything  heard was the sound guns

and bombs in lebanon , no night life and therfore no music..

omar stayed in lebanon for a while after the war started hopeing

it would end but it only gone worse with time ...

eventually omar left lebanon with his wife ...

in every occassion he was asked about his career or about lebanon

he say that lebanon gave him so much love and success and

he love lebanon so much...

advert of omar concert in lebanon- feb 1975

omar enchant a fan
sign to fans
with jacks hidaway owner
attia hamouda[ tabla] - ahmad hamouda [ tabla] -
hassan abo seaoud [ accordion]- omar khorshid [ guitar]