as a young handsome man full of charisma that shines anywhere

he goes  his talent as an artist ..

alltogthere  made him a very attractive subject to girls and women..

i don't know how many romantic stories he passed in his teens 

[ which i can strongly guess they were many] but i can talk about 

his life as a married man...

first marriage

omar first marriage when he was 26 years old to amina el sobky

the marriage lasted from 1971-72 and divorced peacefully

 second marriage

omar second marriage was to the actrcess mirvat amin

and lasted  from 1972 -1973  and divorced peacefully...

 thrid marriage

omar thrid marriage was in lebanon to dina

it was a romantic story , as dina was a lebanese busniess woman

with a previous marriage resulted two children , but sure that

didn't stop them from fall in love [ dina is christian ]

they got engaged in beirut 1975 and got married in egypt

by early 1977

 fourth marriage

omar fourth marriage was to maha abu ouf

during his marriage to dina omar saw maha as she preformed

with her brother group along with her sisters [ the 4 m]

and he felt attached to her and the feelings was mutual...

omar married to maha in early 1981 and he hided his marriage

to protect his wife [ dina] feelings from getting hurt , 

maha was pregrant when omar died and she had a miscarriage

when she heard about omar death.