first time i recall hearing the name omar khorshid when someone

around me said the downtown has terrible traffic because of omar

khorshid funeral ...i was 12 years old , few months later on that

year i was placing my foot in  knowing music but in a different

direction than omar's music..

in the last few years i became attached to omar music and

discovering more about that artist beyond what's already known

i discoverd that he is known and highly valued in the west

while in his homeland he is pretty neglected & hardly mentioned

in any media besidethe fact that his work of music and films rarely

broadcasted !!! likely because the commercial music that

brainwashed the people from hearing genuine music ...

honestly i don't care about these people and i didn't make this site 

for them , i made this site for myself and the people who value

fine art and genuine music ...

what omar did in his very short but fruitfull life is to put the guitar

in a solid place in the orchestra in the middle east...

beside the fact that he was a unique guitar player , he was a great

composer , his music score stand very strong with international

music scores done by grand artists but sadly it never saw the light

commercially in the market....

as a human being omar was a very gentle and kind person ,

his smile reflect his innocent face ....

omar had familial mediterrnean fever whcih it's a rare disease with

incredible pain attacks him from time to time

his human touch as a person and as a member of the musicans

board syndicate speaks for him ...

in my opinion , if not for his presence in lebanon from 1973-75

with the creative atmosphere existed in this lovely country

[ recording 7 albums out of  9 in that time] his career would have

gone another path...

i never knew the man in person but sure if i did i would love him

like anyone knew him ....god rest his soul in peace.

i wonder if anyone knew omar in person saw the site ,

because if it's up to me i would love to meet everyone knew omar

in person , actually there is one man i wish to see

he is mohamed amine , close friend to omar and member of his

band , if anyone know him or he is watching the site

i wish to tell him that i would be delighted to see him in person

i am sure there is so much to talk about concern omar khorshid

please contact me anytime through the e-mail address below

your enquiries -suggestions - contrbuitions are very welcomed.

thank you for visting omar khorshid site.

hany zaki